Her Desire

Poetry, romance



I’m looking for a complement, not just a compliment,

See, I don’t wish to find someone who is incompetent

of loving me,

who doesn’t understand there’s more than what he sees


I want someone who believes in honesty

Who won’t switch up and leave,

Real loyalty.


I want someone who sees my value and my worth,

Who is willing to be better, to put in the work

Not a fuckboy, a liar or an insensitive jerk.


I’m looking for something different in this messed up era,

Just someone who fits this simple criteria,

Someone who knows having feelings doesn’t make him inferior,

Who sees the God in me and not just my exterior,

Who sees me as his equal and not him, my Superior,

‘Cause I’m tired of these guys with the motives, ulterior.


As I write these words, I know I need someone who loves my art,

Who is not intimidated or fearful of a girl who is smart,

But believes in my dreams,

in these lyrics and rhyming schemes.


I don’t need the world,

Never been that girl,

I have no materialistic demands,

Because I’m a girl who was taught to stand

On her own two feet and never depend on a man.


So honey, I’m not here for vanity,

Just someone by my side, who loves my uniqueness when the world screams insanity.

Someone who sees the bigger picture and focuses on clarity.


I want a soul connection, not just a monthly fling,

The type that I can learn from and have conversations about anything,

The type who doesn’t hesitate to give because he knows I’ll do all this and more for him.


  • Nashelle Hird









2 thoughts on “Her Desire

  1. Powerful!
    Some of these words I have heard my daughter say.
    She’s mentioned before how young men are intimidated by her drive.
    As her father I’m alright with that… 😁!
    You have an awesome blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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