They lied 


As little girls we spent hours watching fairytales of princesses finding love and that cliche line, “living happily ever after.” We watched keenly as the Prince would come and perform some great deed, sweep the princess off her feet and ride off in a beautiful carriage as the Sun sets.

We got a little older and then we saw that romance happened not only in castles and love could find anyone, not only princesses. We watched with excitement clips of the socially awkward, nerdy girl being crowned Prom Queen and getting a kiss from the love of her life. We saw the girl everyone shunned become the top Cheerleader and the girlfriend of the Football team captain. Over and over, we absorbed these ideals and wished day in and out that such a love would find us. 

They lied. Sometimes the love of your life never sees you. Most times, you don’t have those happy endings. To be honest, sometimes there’s no phone call at 12 from that guy in Science class. More often than not, it’s you at 12, in the darkness of your bedroom, writhing in pain as you feel a ripping sensation in your heart as your tears run down your cheeks and you squeeze your pillow tightly, willing yourself to stop feeling, to stop caring, to move on. 

They don’t show you those things in the fairytales or those cheesy romance films. They don’t show you that in reality, some girls will never experience such a love. They don’t tell you that in reality, there is no fairytale. 

But can we even blame them? Could we really handle the idea that loving another can sometimes cause the greatest heartbreak? 

Maybe they were just protecting us. Even so, they did us a great injustice. Love is no fairytale. Sometimes it’s just you, your “Prince” and no happy ending. 
– N. S. H

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