I’ll forever sing their praises

Motivation, Personal Experiences




I think it is safe to say that a lot of things have contributed to the woman I am today. Sad experiences, obstacles, criticism, losses. The list is practically endless. However, the negatives form but a tiny piece of the whole. The woman I am today, the woman I am becoming, though mainly self-made, would not exist had it not been for the people in my life.

Let me firstly say, I’m extremely picky with the people I interact with and allow to hold a place in my life. I wasn’t always this way. At one point, I was “overly friendly”, naïve even and I craved having friends to the extent where I let practically every and anyone who showed some interest or another in me. Thankfully, I saw the light!

I’m now fluent in the language of energy. My spirit now only aligns with those who reflect positivity and I can tell from the get-go, mean me well. You probably say, “how can you tell from the onset?” Trust me, you’ll know. Energy speaks volumes. Energy doesn’t lie. Good people just have that good vibe that reels you in.

And so I must laud these people for the light they shine in my life. These people are my greatest teachers. They say the simplest of things that have the greatest effects on me. They encourage me. They see things in me that I sometimes don’t see in myself. They believe in me even when I have lost faith in me.

As humans, we tend to tell our stories a particular way. “Yes, I encountered many obstacles but my fighting spirit, my will to survive…”. Stop. Undoubtedly, your intrinsic motivation and determination propelled you to reach for greatness. But what about that day when you couldn’t find that motivation and that friend said “hey, you’re going to get through this. You are ____ and _____ is a fighter.” Or that dm you got with an encouraging quote. Don’t undervalue those things. Those are some of life’s greatest blessings. To have friends, to have people who care for you, to have people to steer you in the right direction, to have people always cheering on the sidelines.

And this is how I will tell my story. “Yes, I encountered many obstacles, yes, my fighting spirit and will to survive propelled me to reach for greatness, but, oh! The great people I have had in my life gave me true motivation.”

  • N.S.H

“You’re Nash, you can do anything.”

“You can have it all Nash.”

“You never know whose life you’re lowkey affecting positively through those posts.”

“You have such a beautiful smile”

“There are not many women like you out here.”

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