Melanin King




As the Sun struts across the sky in her golden gown adorned with light beams like sequins,

She shines upon you and gives a sparkle to your melanin,

Your skin copies her radiant glow and reflects it to all you meet.


The Universe applauds at God’s handiwork in you,

Designed like no other,

Resembling none and yet, everyone.


And you show your gratefulness to Earth each time you effortlessly smile,

A smile that brings peace,

Women to their knees,

Pure bliss.


Yet, not everyone sings your praises,

And some who do, sing out of tune.


But you still thrive,


Though many would rather if you weren’t alive.


You are a black man,

One of the greatest beings created.

I guess that’s why you are hated,

And feared when you should be revered.


The entire system is designed to keep you down,

To suppress your innate power and push you around,

But the Mike Tyson in you fights,

The Martin Luther King protests,

The Nelson Mandela speaks and so does the Malcolm X.


The Usain Bolt runs to greatness,

The Bob Marley comforts that every little thing will be alright,

The Barack Obama says yes in spite of everything, we can.




The Tupac reminds us to keep our head up,

The Cole tells our sideline story,

The Lamar gives us poetic justice,

And West reminds us that though all falls down, we can still have glory.





So Melanin King, I hope you never forget,

Within you lies great treasure and that’s why you’re a threat.


Your black is beauty.

Your life is worth being spared.

You are a gift to humanity, simply with more colour.

  • N.S.H

*In celebration of black men across the world. You are great and powerful beyond measure!*

(Image from, Animations from

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