Lackluster Soul

Personal Experiences, Poetry, Real Issues



The music doesn’t soothe anymore,

The beats all sound the same,

The lyrics all make me writhe in pain,

The rhythms all sound like sadness.

The food is tasteless,

And adding sugar doesn’t make anything sweet,

And water cannot quench this thirst.

The smiles don’t come as they used to,

Teeth yes but no heart,

And the lips don’t curve as they used to in pure bliss,

They’re fake.

But humans, well they’re the same.

Cold, heartless, selfish,

Judgmental, lost

Some things never change.

And so her soul is tired,

She is weary,

Her energy has long been drained refueling the average Joes on the journey,

And here she leans, helpless herself.
– N. S. H

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