The Cycle Pt. 2

Poetry, romance



This is all so right and yet this is so wrong,

She’s not open to love, just flings then moves along,

He thinks he loves her and he wants to commit,

But she did that once before and she’s not with it,

Not anymore.

Because the last guy played her and it hurt her to the core,

And she’s not going there again, that’s one thing she knows for sure.


But in his mind,

She’s something divine,

Best of God’s creation, a work of art,

Perfect and refined.

With a beautiful soul and a creative mind,

The type a man needs in his life,

The type a man makes his wife.


So every day he’s calling and making sure that she’s okay,

He has roses and sparkling  gold earrings delivered to her workplace on her birthday,

He’s wining and dining her, trying to sweep her off her feet,

But she’s just looking for a good time, under and out of the sheets,

Nothing serious.


Friday night, he sends her a text,

Says he wants to take her out to their spot at the Ex,

She says she’s tired but she’s making other plans,

See, she’s been playing him with another man.
He says okay and goes out to get a drink at the bar,

She does her makeup, puts on her dress, and heads to her car,

For a night out with a charmer she met a while back,

She can’t afford to fall in love and so her heart, she must distract.





She enters the bar, she sees him waiting, playing on his phone,

She struts on over, taking in his cologne,

He greets her warmly and the long night begins,

They make conversation but on her mind’s, a different thing.

They talk and they drink and laugh and play silly games,

And her heart’s distracted until she hears her name,

She knows this voice all too well.




Turns around and there he is with sadness in his eyes,

He says I thought you were tired but you were telling me lies,

Seeing other guys, after everything, this is how you do me?

She smiles, pulls him aside and tries to find the courage to deny…

Herself of this love she figures could be true,

But she has trust issues and to protect herself, she knows what she must do.


She breaks it to him that this was just a one off thing,

She’s not looking for commitment, she just wanted a fling,

She thinks he’s nice, and awesome guy and it’s not the sex, the sex was great,

But she’s not up for a relationship, she’s got a lot on her plate.


His heart breaks and he frowns at the mouth,

He says he understands, grabs his keys and walks out.

And he’s hurt and he’s torn and he doesn’t know what to do,

He really loved her and his words were true.


He decides love’s not for him and everything is just a game,

And someone’s going to have to pay for this pain,

That he’s feeling.

He needs healing.

His heart is bleeding from this heart attack.


Friday night and he’s sitting by the bar,

Vodka in one hand, the next, a Cuban cigar,

And he’s searching and surveying, like a lion finding its prey,

He’s just looking for a lady for the night, that he’ll leave the next day.

  • N.S.H.


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