The Cycle Pt. 1

Personal Experiences, Real Issues, romance




She loves him, she gives him her best,

She thinks he’s better than all the rest,

She’s dedicated and committed to love,

Well, of course because she thinks he was sent from above.


But he goes on his way day by day,

And all the other girls have nice things to say,

He gets love notes, pictures and whispers in his ear,

Of sexual promises of making love anywhere,

And so he starts to compare,

His love for his homegirl begins to disappear,

He now sees boredom and normal and he thinks, well, the other girl is a freak,

So he’s coming home way less,

Only three times for the week.


And when he does, she smells White Diamonds instead of his Jean Paul Gaultier,

And sees the Mac Ruby Red on his neck that she didn’t put there,

So she starts asking questions and demands to know where he’s been,

He tells her she’s tripping and being a drama queen,

He was out with a friend, why’s she assuming the worst,

It’s like she doesn’t trust him and you know that shit hurts.


And they go to bed.
Then at 2, his phone rings disturbing their sleep,

He covers the screen so she can’t get a peep,

At the screen.

‘Cause the name on it will let her know what he’s been.


So he takes the call and runs to the bathroom,

Closes the door and whispers “Becky, why you calling so soon?”

She talks how she missed him and wants him in her bed,

and she’s tossing and turning and can’t get him out of her head,

And he smirks and he does that player laugh, and he says “I’ll come by later. Put something sexy on.”


He hangs up the phone and wipes the smirk off, trying to play it cool,

If she asks, it was his boss and you know, he makes the rules,

Yeah, he’s ready now so he goes on out

And there she is standing by the door, frowning at the mouth,

Looking in his eyes.


She says the three words and tells him to pack his things,

Take the necklaces and the bracelet and that stupid engagement ring,

‘Cause she’s done and infidelity is in their love’s atmosphere,

And then she breaks down crying and says “hurry and get the hell out of here”

And now he’s sorry and she’s the love of his life,

And Becky was just a fling, a thing for a couple nights,

She’s the one he wants to make his wife.

And he goes on his knees with the theatrics begging for a second Chance,

But she doesn’t care if he misses the Cocoa Butter Kisses.

She’s done.


Then years pass and she’s different now,

And every man’s the same, they’re all players somehow,

And love’s a game,

It’s who can cause more hurt and pain.


Friday night, she’s leaning by the bar,

Music loud, mojito in hand and her mind gone far,

Until she’s brought back.
Looks up to see who tapped her on her shoulder,

And saw that a fine piece of Cadbury had strolled over,

He had those eyes you could get lost in for days,

But she quickly turns away before she falls while she plays,

On this Love Court.


He tries to get to know her,

He’s a gentleman it seems,

But she just wants a lover for the night,

She’s not looking for the man of her dreams.

No way.


They’re both drunk by now

And the chemistry is there, so they head to her place,

In that haste, passion and intensity send clothes all over the place.




And he’s in and he’s great,

Everything that she missed while being celibate,

Right spots, right pace, right touch, right man,

But wrong time, love’s wrong and it’s not in her plan.


11 a.m, it’s been a while since she slept in this late,

His space is empty, he understands and she thinks how great,

Until the bedroom door creaks and that’s him with a tray,

Pancakes, bacon, eggs and Greek yogurt parfait.
“Good morning” with his Colgate smile…..

(To be continued.)

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