Spirit Tribe

Personal Experiences, Poetry



Cheers to the ones we can talk to about anything and everything,

Who see good in us and speak it,

Who support our endeavours and believe in our dreams,

Who know us better than most

Who share our goals and work with us to achieve them,

Who sit with us in our dark times and stay there until we are ready to see the light.

Cheers to the ones that were with us from day one and the ones we know will be with us chasing our greatness and reaping success after success in future.

The ones who will help us to calm down when we have a big task ahead,

The ones who will tell us when something is not good for us,

The ones you can be crazy with and make mischief and then sit and laugh until tears start flowing,

The ones who will plan our weddings with us and keep our children when we need to run off for a bit,

The ones that see things as we do and help us to feel a little less strange in the world,

The ones who are our home and with them, there’s peace, happiness and all good things.

(N.H,A.B,R.P,W.J,K.K,J.K )


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