Blame Society(ou)

Real Issues



They say for the right gone wrong,

Blame society,

Because they are the ones at fault.

They’re the ones that put coldness in your heart.


They say for the reason you feel hurt,

Blame society,

They reduced your worth,

And now you feel like nothing.


But I say in response,

Who makes the society?

Who gave them the power?

You and I are part of society,

Just like him and her and them.

So my friend,

When you blame society,

Take your fair share of the blame,

Because you were an active player in their societal game,

So also write your name

In the Critics Hall of Fame

Because you and them are no different,

We are all the same.

You lie, you steal, you tear down too,

It’s full time you agree it’s true

Because many times I search

But I can’t find the God in you.

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