Get to know, there’s more than what they show

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It is so easy to judge people. As we travel daily, we make various assumptions about the people around us based what we can see. We often fail to really get to know individuals because we spend that time creating ideas in our heads about who they are. We should seek to get to know people before postulating theories about their personalities, actions etc. You can never truly tell a person’s qualities by simply looking at them.

Some individuals who are always smiling are sometimes very broken inside and hurting beyond human comprehension. By merely looking at them, people assume that they are happy, bubbly persons, when in reality, they are in need of help and suffering behind their smiles. Similarly, there are people we may see who appear angry, miserable and mean, who could possibly be the kindest people we could ever meet and are simply having a bad day.

It is said that if you judge people then you have no time to love them. This is very true. We need to learn to quit judging people and find time instead to get to know the real person behind the cover they use.

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3 thoughts on “Get to know, there’s more than what they show

  1. I often say society loves deception cause they love to judge based on what they see so you can choose to show society what you want. It has always been the norm, society=judgemental. Only few people truly take their time to see beyond the façade most people show everyday. Your post is completely true. 👍

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