Guard your ‘pitcher’

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Human beings are possibly the most interesting, complicated and amusing creatures on this planet, in my opinion. Imagine being extremely kind to people, going out of your way on numerous occasions to assist them and never having any such favour granted to you. Finally, you get tired of always giving yourself and never being the receiving end. You decided you are going to be different and save your kindness for those who actually value you, don’t use you or take you for granted.

You implement these changes. One of the persons who would usually ‘use’ you comes along, for what is possibly the thousandth time, to ask a favour of you. For the first time, you do the unthinkable. You say “no”. Immediately, you are labelled as the most unkind, cruel and selfish individual on the face of the Earth.

Smile and walk away. You cannot spend all your life giving and giving and never receiving. We are like pitchers of water. If one keeps pouring water from the pitcher without replenishing, then inevitably the water in the pitcher will be depleted. Similarly, if one continuously gives of him/her self, time, talents and energy without “replenishing” them, the individual becomes drained.

Mark you, we shouldn’t give to receive as relationships and interactions with individuals are not merely ‘tit for tat’ or ‘just because she gave me this, I am going to give her something similar” etc. No, however, it is nice and creates a healthy atmosphere when your kindness is reciprocated.

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