Every day another one,

Every day someone sings another sad song, 

Where did our society go wrong?

The people can’t help but cry “How long?”
How long will we have to fight for things we deserve?

How long will the system fail to protect and serve?

How long will the wars in gangs continue?

How much longer will they try to hurt you? 
Another death, another funeral,

These are now just the usual,

No sacredness in the ritual,

Just another ceremony in the phase of life.
One less marriage, one more divorce,

And genders are changing course,

No love, just lust and flings,

Yet no satisfaction will these things bring. 
Where did society go wrong?

To whom does the blame belong?

When will we see change?

When will the system be rearranged?
I have no answers, neither does him or her,

We are too busy in the game to be game changers.

My voice doesn’t matter anyway right?

So why waste my time and fight?
No, that’s not so,

Things can change, the people must know,

We can shake the Earth with a revolution,

Black, white, Asian,

Men and women from every nation.
It is time, not later

And certainly not tomorrow.

Time to break free from the chains that hold us in our sorrow.

Time to be bold and shout.

Open your mouth.

Say something.

Today we start a revolution

Against society’s confusion,

Today we erase the illusion,

Today we start mental intrusion,

We are powerful,

We can break chains. 

You, me.



– Nashelle Hird 

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