Don’t get lost in the Web

Real Issues

It is so easy for us to become dissatisfied with our own lives based on what we see on social media. We live in an age where to be honest, I’m not sure if we are actually living or merely trying to convince people that we are. And I say we, because I think at some point in time, as long as you have a social media account, you will fall in the trap. I have fallen in the web before so trust me, I know.

There are so many people who are basically just posing to create good impressions or to have good reputations. But if we were to really see what transpires behind the scenes we would be shocked out of our wits! Some of the couples on social media who appear to be deeply in love…… their relationships are going haywire. Some of the people who appear to be successful don’t even have careers. Some of the people hash tagging “happiness” every day are really sad, depressed souls.

So please, don’t be fooled by what you see on social media. It is not always real. Do not try to pattern your lives off those on Instagram or Facebook who appear to have it all under control. Live a real life. Don’t ever try to prove anything  to the world. Don’t post everything either. 

Live a life outside of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram etc. 

Don’t get lost in the Web of social media.

(Image source: Pinterest) 

2 thoughts on “Don’t get lost in the Web

  1. I believe I almost got lost in that Web, I mean I wasn’t posting anything but I kept looking and looking and slowly it seamed my subconscious just wanted to be like the lives it was seeing on social media but I woke up after a few blows from life I set my priority straight and everyday I thank God I found my way out. Thanks for this post.

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