It bothers me 


Every day I feel like the people who are supposed to bring joy to my life serve me plates full of sadness. I try to ignore it. I try to get it off my mind but I just can’t. I am tired. I am so tired. I’m tired of loving people and giving of myself and never receiving. I am tired of being there for people who in reality don’t care about me. I look how I am with people. I help them work through their problems, I give a listening ear, I’m supportive, behind them 110% …… but then I look how people are with me. They drain me. Always, always taking from me and nobody is putting back. 

What happens to a jug of water if everyone keeps pouring out and nobody sees the need to refill? That’s right, it soon becomes empty. I consider myself to be a jug of water. I feel people pouring from me day after day. But nobody sees the need to refill. And you know what happens to jugs that aren’t refilled? They are no longer in use. They serve no purpose when they’re empty and so they’re pushed to the back of the cupboard. 

I just wish someone would actually just care to give me what I have been giving all my life. Someone to be there for me when my world comes crashing down. Someone who cares about my happiness. Someone who shows me love in every possible way.

And I don’t want this to bother me. But it does. It bothers me so damn much. 

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