They sometimes say that it’s not the wrapping of the gift but what’s inside that’s important,

Which sometimes holds true,

As the inside often holds something very precious,

Something that will mean everything to you.
Unfortunately, I feel in society the wrapping takes centre stage,

And less attention is placed on what’s inside,

You know, the real gift.
As for a man and a woman, he tends to see the wrapping.

He looks at the skin, that brightly- coloured paper,

and the legs and hips and curves and hair which serve as bows,

and if you don’t have that wrapping, then he will oppose.
And I guess that’s the reason you don’t see me,

I don’t have that brightly coloured paper,

And who can blame you in a world that screams that my paper is just too dull? 

– N.S.H 

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