No Words 


So I sat down to write this several times,

I tried to put these thoughts on paper,

Tried to document how you really make me feel, 

But there are no words to describe it.
Merriam Webster seems empty,

Oxford seems empty too,

Not even the great Encyclopedia has them,

No one has the words for you.
You are poetry all by yourself,

Filled with rhythm, puns and words that sometimes fit,

But other times, don’t.
The happiness I feel cannot be explained,

The need to be there for you has never left,

You make me laugh uncontrollably,

With no add-ons, with nothing but you.
Yet you make me sad sometimes,

And I tend to think “what a waste!”

Is it so hard to see when someone really cares?

Even when it’s right in front of your face?
But still I tell myself that I can’t give up on you,

That I can’t walk away,

So many others have done that before, it started with him,

It is my duty to stay.
Because someone has to push you,

Someone has to make you see how great you are,

Someone has to support you,

You need to know that in life, you were destined to reach far. 
But maybe you don’t want that person to be me,

Because like always, I don’t make the cut,

And I’m not the full package,

Only bits and pieces of your dream girl.
I can barely get these words to rhyme,

That’s how you make me feel,

Sometimes in rhythm, sometimes out of line. 

Like noise. 
These words are still lacking,

They still don’t help to put you in true perspective,

Maybe I’ll never find the right words,

Maybe this is what it means to truly feel something for someone ,

You can’t describe it, you just know that they’re your world. 

– N.S.H

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