I see it now ….

Personal Experiences, Poetry, Real Issues

I see it now why it had to be her,

I see why it could never be me,

I finally understand it now,

I get why we could never be.

I see her shapely legs,

Curves and hips for days,

I see her smooth, caramel skin,

I hear how men sing her praise.


I see it now,

I see it clear,

You think she’s beautiful

That girl with the black, frizzy hair.


I see it,

I now know that you will never love me,

I see it now that all my efforts were in vain,

You were only trying to take all that you could gain.




My eyes have been opened,

I also see that you simply don’t deserve me.

I was down for you, call me a ride or die,

But all you did was bring tears to my eyes.


I see it now,

I see what I have to do,

I have to move on,

I don’t want to but it’s time to give up on you.

– N.S.H



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