“Every phase of life requires a different you”


​We all venture through different phases in our lives. Teenagers from one level of education to the next, single adults venture into marriage, employees move up into companies among so many other real life examples. What’s important to note when moving into a new phase is that you can’t be the same you. Each phase of our lives imparts various life lessons, teaches us wisdom and inculcates some value or another. It behoves us then to transfer these lessons to the new phases. Not only will these lessons improve our character but we will reap remarkable success in the new phase.

Yes, it is hard sometimes to transition to the next stage in your life. You sit with your mind boggled down with fears of all that could go wrong, you question your ability to cope and you wonder if progressing is the right thing for you. Don’t worry. Progress is good. You will make it through. Stop thinking of all that could go wrong and focus on what you are going to do to make things go well. Venture into the new phase of your life a better you, a more positive you, one who never settles, one who starves his fears and resolves to emerge a victor.  

Do some introspection. Look at the things you can improve on as you transition. Look at what didn’t produce the best results and formulate ways that you can be better. 

Don’t be the same you who procrastinated and made excuses. This is your life, it requires change and the change must start in you. You can’t be the same and expect different results.

– Nash 

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