There’s a reason for every season


Often times in the past, I would feel rather sad as I would see so many individuals around me making moves and progressing, while things just always seemed to be stagnant for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was never a matter of envy. Just a matter of wishing that for once something in my life would fall in place and bring about a transformation, making me forget all the bad that happened.

But it was just not my season. What I’ve grown to understand is that every individual has seasons in their lives. Seasons of happiness, seasons to be sad, seasons to plan, seasons to relax among many others. Instead of sitting and being mournful during the seasons of sadness, one has to learn to be appreciative and learn all the possible lessons from trying situations.

I can attest to the fact that things never go one way for you. If it is that you are experiencing sadness or have been for a long time, that will change but at the right time. We have to learn to trust the process and be patient and wait for our change.

Similarly, if things are always going good for you, there will come a point where you will experience sadness. Why? Everything happens for a reason. One must experience down times to appreciate and be grateful for good times.

So, here’s my advice. Whatever you are experiencing, appreciate it.

Just like in winter, in the down times of your life, comfort yourself with the warmth that things will change. And just like in summer, celebrate in the good times and let your happiness and appreciation shine through your life.



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