You did your best

Personal Experiences, Real Issues

“Whether they miss you or not, you did your best.” – Wayne Jolly

I can recall the other day I sat reflecting on some people in my life. I kept going over in my head how no matter how much you care and go out of your way and try to be there for some persons, they will never truly appreciate you and will take you for granted. It really rested with me that at some point, after everything I’ve done, I’ll die and for some people, it won’t matter. I happened to share this with a friend and he said something very simple but which had a great effect on me. He said “whether they miss you or not, you did you best.”

Those words have stayed with me since. And they are true. You will climb mountains for people. You will try your best to always be there for them, care for them and see to it that they are in need of nothing. Yet, these very persons may never appreciate what you do for them. They may simply just take what you give them, use you and take you for granted. Nevertheless, his point was don’t let their act of being unappreciative weigh on you. If you should die and someone who you believe your death should have an effect on, continues life as if you never existed, well really what can you do?

At the end of the day, you just want to know that you did all the good you could while you could. You may never get the appreciation you truly deserve from those you try to help but what’s important is that you helped someone and you made a difference in a life. In the end, you’ll get your just reward.

You did your best. And that’s what’s good enough.




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