Who’s Next?

Poetry, Real Issues

Baltimore Residents Attend Wake for Freddie Gray

As I sit here and ponder,

I can’t help but wonder,

Who’s next?


See, it’s like every day another one of us goes down,

2014, Missouri, it was Michael Brown,

Life cut short like a candle blown out,

In a matter of seconds, there’s another black out.


Why are we judged by what’s outside and not what’s within?

When will my brother not be harmed because of the colour of his skin?

How did we get here? When did this all begin?

2012, Florida, it was Trayvon Martin.


Martin Luther King can’t stop turning in his grave,

And instead of dreams, all he has are nightmares.


Officer, we’re not criminals,

We’re not here to do any wrong,

We’re just like you,

Just trying to survive and provide for our families too.


Look at me.

I have eyes and ears and a mouth,

I live in a house.

I too enjoy a good movie.


We’re not all that different, you know.

Just our skin,

Yours a pale white, mine with more melanin.


So officer, the next time you see my brother,

Don’t let your first thought be to shoot,

He’s not a murderer,

The store he’s in front of, he’s not there to loot.


You already took White, Gray and Rice,

Right now Sterling and Castille are on ice,

Brisbon, Reid and Gurley done been shot,

And Harris, Crawford and Robinson, I almost forgot.


Our forefathers fought and died so we could be free,

Booker T, Mandela, Rosa, Harriet, Carver

And I know you know about Malcolm X,

I also know talking won’t stop you,

So tell me Officer, who’s next?

  • N.S.H






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