That Girl

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When she smiled, I saw her eyes and not the curl of her lips,

When she moved, I saw pride, confidence and grace in her hips,

When she spoke, I heard her voice, loud and clear,

That girl was full of purpose;

She knew why she was here!




The way she listened before she said what was on her mind,

The way she ignored the criticism and left the rumours behind,

The way she walked with her head held high,

That girl always aimed for the sky!





The way she would sit and observe and make her plans,

How she was never afraid to take a stand,

The way her presence commands attention when she enters a room,

That girl was a rare flower in bloom.


When she fell down, oh she fell down hard,

Sometimes after a breakdown, her soul was scarred,

But when she got up, she stood taller than before,

That girl was determined that she would soar.





You see, that girl was destined to be great,

That girl knew success was her fate,

She knew her journey would be anything but easy,

But that girl was never phased,

That girl is me.


  • N.S.H.


6 thoughts on “That Girl

  1. That was so beautiful!! If only more girls could reflect the persona of that character โ˜บ. Good job! Well written


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