Sometimes You Have to Unfollow People in Real Life


We’re all aware of the “unfollow” buttons that are present on various social networks, whether Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Well, sometimes in real life, you have to create and click that button. Why? Some people are just not good for you. They may not have offended you directly or hurt you but when you observe their behaviour, you can tell that they’re just not good for you.

To be honest, when I was younger, I used to think people who just kept to themselves were somewhat weird. I used to think “why don’t they mingle?”, “why don’t they come and interact with everybody else?” I used to be one of those people who would just say, “they’re so awkward and antisocial.” And you know what’s funny? I find myself being that kind of person now. And I finally understand why they do it. This society is filled with people who are so shallow, insensitive, unkind, selfish and just ugh. People who stay by themselves do it to keep away from the toxic energy around them. And I have started to do the same thing. After a while of always being there for people, giving, giving, giving, or just observing them, you realise how you cannot continue being there and mingling with them because the energy they radiate is far from positive. You don’t expect them to be perfect but there are some things that you cannot overlook. And that’s what I am doing. Drifting away from those who are chaos to my heart and poison to my soul.

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