Closing A Chapter, Turning A New Page

Motivation, Personal Experiences

Here I am after 7 years of high school. It’s so interesting how quickly time does fly. I remember it like yesterday when I just started high school. A shy seventh grader, I knew no one except my sister who was in grade 10 at the time. I was a blank slate waiting to be written on. It was a difficult first three years for me. I barely had friends. And you will find that’s the case when you’re different from everyone else and you don’t try to fit in. I didn’t party. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I was practically a nerd and that automatically made me lame and “an undesirable”. Let’s just say I had a rough time.

Well, over time, I got over it. It took a lot but the taunts and teases soon made me laugh instead of hurting. The way people excluded me from their groups/cliques stopped bothering me. The jokes people made and the rumours that they spread soon had no effect. And I turned a new page and decided not to allow anyone’s words to break my spirit. I began focusing more on my academic life. I did my best in school. I began being actively involved in extra-curricular activities like the Student Council.

And that was the mentality, the attitude I took with me to sixth form. I was determined to right some wrongs. One key one was the fact that I missed getting a blue cord at graduation by .1. I decided I would not allow that setback to travel with me. And so I worked assiduously. I found the balance between my extra-curricular activities and my school work. I did extremely well.

Here I am after 7 years of high school. I can finally say I made it. In spite of having to get up at 4:30 every morning, even after going to bed at 12 or 1. In spite of not being able to accomplish all I could have due to the fact that I had to rush home as soon as school ended. In spite of the fact that in my community not many persons had achieved much. In spite of the fact that I was criticized many times and not many people supported me. I made it. So here I close this chapter of 7 years and I await a new environment, new experiences, meeting new people, turning a new page.


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