Be kind anyway


tumblr_nrfx9vxqED1qi8uzuo1_500It’s rather funny how we often give so much of ourselves to others and it is never reciprocated. We would climb the highest mountains for some people and do whatever is necessary to help them but in our time of need, they are absent.
It’s something I think we can never get away from in life, no matter how hard we try. The fact always remains, not everyone has the same heart for you as you have for them. But does that mean that you’re going to change? No. I know it sounds quite appealing to give them a taste of their own medicine but don’t. Don’t ever become who hurt you.
I’ve been caught in that position many times. Always giving, giving and giving. Of myself, my time, my resources and rarely have I been on the receiving end. In my time of need, I have been alone and have had to struggle and fight my way through on my own. I’ve considered being the way these persons have been with me but after really reflecting, I decided not to. I refuse to lose my character, my kind nature just because there are individuals who take advantage of my kind behaviour or simply use me to get ahead. No, I won’t be that individual. And you, don’t be that individual either. Be kind, even to those who use you and befriend you conveniently. Yes, their actions hurt you. But honey, be kind anyway.
– N.S.H..

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