Things take Time


I don’t know about you but waiting for something I’m really looking forward to is extremely hard for me. I get frustrated. I start doubting that things will work out. I’m just really cranky and sad. I was that way recently as I waited to hear some very important news. I’m still waiting but I’m somewhat waiting differently from when the period began.
I’m not flustered anymore. I have taken a new outlook on things and I want you to take this new outlook too. Sometimes in life, we’re so anxious and edgy for want of hearing our fate that we forget to trust the process and that everything takes time. We want our answers immediately and when we don’t get them right then and there, we complain, we quarrel and sometimes, even lose interest. But I’m imploring you, just be patient.
In time, all things will be revealed. Don’t rush it. At the right time, when you least expect it, it will come. Have some faith. God knows best and He will bring all things to light in due time. Don’t lose hope.
– N.S.H


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